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Pastor Shirley Caesar Weighs In On The #UNameItChallenge And Creates A Website With Challenge Merchandise For Sell To Help Feed The Needy

Facebook is never without some kind of challenge taking place from the #icewater challenge, #mannequin challenge and the extremely popular #unameit challenge which included a snippet of a recording featuring Pastor Shirley Caesar.

Take a look at the video that’s gone viral:

We do know a post on Facebook started with a caption that said “when you ask your grandmother is making for Thanksgiving dinner” and all of a sudden it became a challenge.  Pastor Shirley Caesar is strictly old school but not oblivious to current phenomenons and in an interview with TMZ  she made it clear that she is fine with the challenge and some of the dancing but is not supportive of the video versions where people are twerking and doing other things.  However to show she is not above joining in on the fun she ends the interview with the Thanksgiving chant.

The challenge has sparked the business woman in Pastor Caesar to create a website called UNameItShirley offering items with the Thanksgiving chant printed on them.  The website offers aprons, t-shirts, cutting boards and all the proceeds from the sales will go towards feeding families in need.

That’s right Pastor Caesar keep doing the work of the Lord and helping those in need!!

Source: YouTube

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