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Pastor Jamal Bryant says The Black Church Is Now Filled With “Sanctified Sissies”



After being caught in the middle of controversy for his “these hoes ain’t loyal” remark, Pastor Jamal Bryant is now on the offensive. The megachurch pastor says that the black church has become some westernized and feminized that it now caters to women and those who believe that men have little to no value in the home. The pastor may be sensitive about these matters, since there has been a huge increase in the number of single parent homes since America began it’s program of mass imprisonment during the 1970s.


Pastor Bryant remains defiant despite the criticism, stating that men are relevant in families, and that those who want their entire families in church should keep men in the home and allow them to be strong leaders in the household. These remarks put him in conflict with individuals who feel that the black male needs to change, but Bryant is one African American male who doesn’t appear to be backing down. His congregation seems to be standing with him as well.

Read more from The Christian Post:

Megachurch preacher Jamal Bryant of the Empowerment Temple in Baltimore, Maryland, says the westernization of the church worship experience has resulted in the black church becoming a place that’s comfortable for women and “sanctified sissies.”

Pointing to a culture that’s increasingly paying attention to the needs of women, while marginalizing the importance of men in the family, Bryant explained in a recent message posted on YouTube that the same mindset has seeped into the church fostering a culture that makes it difficult for men to find their place in the church.

“When the new deal was offered up the only way a black family could receive food stamps or welfare — men had to be pushed out of the house,” began Bryant in explaining the genesis of the modern-day assault on the black family.

“It was not that they [fathers] did not have an affinity or affection for their wives or their children, but the government set up such a structure in order for the children to receive aid no father could be present,” he said.

This situation resulted in not only a problem for the black family but a problem for the church as well.

“In the absence of a black male presence, then the family is no longer defended. Why is this a problem? When a black woman comes to church she has, in fact, a 50 to 60 percent chance of the whole family coming with her. But when a black man comes to church it is an 85 percent chance that everybody is going to come,” said Bryant.


Source: Allchristiannews.com




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