Pastor Found Dead Hanging Naked From A Window After He Posted Some Strange Messages On Social Media

Can disdain turn into murder? Maybe. A pastor from Toledo was found dead in his home days after posting weird messages online that suggested he was being set up by one, or several, of his enemies.

Bishop Kenneth Hopkins was a passionate man so moved by the crime going on in his community that he formed the “Stop the Violence” initiative. As if that weren’t enough, Bishop Hopkins volunteered his time as a security guard at a Dollar General Store in his area and publicly shamed those who decided to steal on his watch. The man of the cloth used social media to his benefit by recording thieves that he caught and forced them to apologize while on-camera. Some thought the actions of the right reverend were noble, but others had a problem with it.

Photo Credit Bishop Kenneth Hopkins (Facebook)

A man by the name of Eddie Hardy was definitely one who was troubled by Bishop Hopkins’ tactics. In fact, the concerned citizen became so angry that Eddie took to his personal Facebook page to expose Hopkins for subjecting criminals to “senseless humiliation.” How about that?

In any case, the Dollar General received Hardy’s message and took away Bishop Hopkins’ volunteer card. The videos, as a result, stopped. Could someone have been so angry with Bishop Hopkins’ method of publicly shaming thieves that they decided to kill him? Maybe so, maybe no.

According to the Toledo Police Department, Bishop Kenneth Hopkins was found hanging outside the second story window of his home on Wednesday, May 31, 2017, at around 8:50 p.m. They speculate that the pastor tripped over an object inside of his house and lunged through the window, which led to him cutting both of his arms and bleeding out profusely.

Neither law enforcement nor family members believe that foul play was at work in the incident. The police chief, George Kral, even tweeted that Bishop Hopkins “had been acting irrationally” during the days leading up to his untimely death.

Source: The GED Section

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