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Pastor asks every congregant to give $1,000 to the building fund



Bishop Donald Hilliard, pastor of Cathedral International, is calling on his church members to submit $1,000 a piece in order to pay off their building’s debt—nearly $3 million. He is holding an event to help encourage his congregation to meet their goal.

On the flyer, which is colored a bright red and yellow, it states that Cathedral International is hosting a “Pentecost Sunday” on May 24, 2015. In an image of a stamp, there are words printed that say, “Mortgage Burning. Paid in Full.” The goal for the special occasion is also marked at the top of the flyer: “3000 people give $1000.”

Hilliard is encouraging his church to pay off their debt so that they can be more effective in “outreach and service to their community.” He also says that it will leave a legacy for the next generation—lifting a burden.

The Bible verse, Romans 13:8, is also written across the advertisement for the event, as well as on the church website. “Let no debt remain outstanding…” it says.

Around $140,000 has been raised so far, which is about 5% of the final goal of $3 million.

On April 28, Carol Dortch-Wright, the director of communications for Cathedral International, tweeted, “Surrendering is acknowledging all we have belongs to God #DrJNoel @TheCathedralNJ @MinMaBoone.”

Cathedral International gives this description of their history and mission on their website: “Cathedral International is the historic Second Baptist Church (founded in 1904).  A Christ-centered community, we embrace historic Christian Liturgy and Pentecostal fervor.”

“We hold in tension a call to spirit-filled living and social renewal.  Our five-fold mission is to Evangelize, Educate, Emancipate, Empower and Expand in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ through Loving, Lifting and Liberating humanity,” the description continues.

Those who are interested in giving to the building fund prior to the May 24 event can visit the website here, where a donation can be submitted.

Some believe $1,000 is too much for Bishop Hilliard to ask of his members, especially when they are expected to give 10 percent of their income to tithes. Of course, some may be able to give more and other may have to give less. Debt is an issue most people are facing in their personal finances as well.


Is $1,000 too much for a church to ask of its members?

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