Panthers QB Cam Newton Devastating Super Bowl Loss Walks Out On Postgame Interview

Now that the Super Bowl has come to a close and the Denver Broncos are celebrating their win.  Cam Newton clearly upset and devastated by the loss did the unthinkable and walked off the podium while being interviewed during postgame discussion.  (see video below):

The entire sports loving community can surely understand being hurt and certainly disappointed by the hard loss the Carolina Panthers suffered.  However to walk off while going being interviewed is no only disrespectful but it’s also an immature move by Newton.  Prior to walking off Newton says ”

“I don’t know what you want me to say, I’m sorry,”

cam newton

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Well the only thing that we could make of Newton’s behavior is that considering he had more than enough his plate during his and his team’s quest to win the game’s most sought after accomplishment, he should have been clearly prepared for what the outcome.  Somebody had to lose the game and it was may the best team win.  The Denver Broncos got past the Panthers defense and that really summed up the outcome.  Now while we are not throwing salt or shade at the “master dabber” all we are saying is celebrate the successes but also be prepared to face the consequences for the losses because as sure as one occurs the other is certainly come at some point.

Cam Newton has a long career ahead of him, let’s hope he learns from this loss and maybe he will be adjusted in the future to the pressure of losing ans all that comes with it.

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