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#OscarSoWhite…The Oscars Lacked Diversity So Much It’s Pegged To Be The “Whitest” It’s Ever Been [Video]


EarHustle411 came across this video on Huffington Post’s Facebook page discussing the Academy Awards and the history of its lack of diversity.  It’s no secret that when it comes to that little golden statue that it is not and has not been awarded “equally” distributed.  Can we safely say that the voting body of the Academy Awards is not composed of a diverse make up to have a diverse vote? Of course we can, every year with the extreme lack of African-Americans taking home the prize in major categories such as Best Actor and Actress or even any director categories.

To say it’s shameful and discouraging when looking at the statistics would be an understatement, African-Americans and other ethnicities alike have been getting “snubbed” for so long that it’s probably a running joke amongst the academy voters to see how much more of an outcry will the African-American community have. In the many years of The Academy’s existence, it’s a travesty that it took 74 years for a woman of color to win Best Actress, Halle Berry made it perfectly clear in her acceptance speech and although Sidney Poitier was the first African-American to win for Best Actor in 1964, it would be some 38 years later that Denzel Washington was able to wrap his hands around the gold statuesque in that category.  Best Director & Screenplay categories are areas that have scarcity in them as it relates to African-Americans.  In 1991 John Singleton director and writer of the critically acclaimed movie Boyz N the Hood was the first and the youngest African-American to be nominated for an Academy for director & screenplay.


Interestingly enough African-Americans have and exorbitant amount of “buying” power and clearly they have no clue what that really means.  It has been reported that by the year 2015 African-Americans will have a buying power of $1.1 trillion but we can’t seem to get the top awards in the entertainment industry’s highest honors awards show.

Well it seems there’s something things that money just cannot buy!!

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