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An Organized Shoplifting Ring Comes To A Close


EarHustle411 came across a the above video from ABC’s Nightline discussing how authorities in Polk County, FL worked tirelessly to bring an organized shoplifting ring to a close.  As consumers we all should be concerned with shoplifting regardless if it is from taking small items such as a pen, a pair of earrings or to larger items like articles of clothing, perfumes and more.  The consumer is the one who ultimately pays for the crimes of people who choose to shoplift.

A shoplifter’s goal is to get the goods and either return them back to the store for cash or “fence” them on the street for quick sale and sometimes for a mark up on what the item actually costs.  Back in 2001 the Sundance Film Festival released a movie named “Lift” with television’s favorite “Gladiator” Kerry Washington.  The movie was based on an organized shoplifting ring that she was part of and what was so interesting about it is occasionally she would take “requests” of items to “boost”. (Start at 2:46 the point where she gets caught.)

The fact remains is that we all pay the price for criminal activity, consumers bear the weight of price increases and unfortunately employers will eventually cut staff because of the increase cost of beefing up security and customer service is affected as well.

EarHustle411 simply suggests to do yourself a favor and don’t buy stolen goods because it’s “cheaper“.  Keep in mind every time you buy stolen goods you contribute to the problem, be a solution to an issue that affects all consumers and the economy.  We need our money to work for us not the other way around.

Kudos to the Polk County, FL investigators for putting one operation out of business!!

Source: Nightline, YouTube (Lift Movie Clip)

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