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Oregon Police Officer’s “Black Lives Matter Protest Was Target Practice” Post On Facebook Placed On Administrative Leave

It’s comments from public service employees like what the police officer in Oregon made that makes the EarHustle411 crew really wonder why they are even employed in an occupation where they deal with the public.  His employer should have taken him out of service because his agreement and comment posted to social media says so much about the type of person he really is.

Read more as reported by The Grio:

On Thursday, an Oregon police officer was placed on leave after a Facebook post in which he suggested that a Black Lives Matter protest was “target practice.”

West Linn police Officer Tom Newberry said in posts obtained by KGW-TV that a day designated by the movement as a day of protest should be instead called a “day of target practice.” He then said that, if protesters blocked the streets, his followers should “remember, there are 3 pedals on your floor. Push the right one down.”

photo credit: Facebook

photo credit: Facebook

photo credit: Facebook

photo credit: Facebook

The officer has since been placed on paid administrative leave while the department investigates whether he broke rules by the department or the city.

“To say the least, I am extremely disappointed if those were in fact his posts, and I don’t take my officers posting stuff like that lightly. To be honest, it pisses me off,” West Linn police Chief Terry Timeus told The Oregonian, adding that he doesn’t “appreciate my officers or any citizen posting stuff that’s inflammatory against any movement or any race.”

“The West Linn Police Department takes allegations of wrongdoing seriously and will take appropriate action to hold our members accountable,” department officials said. “We work hard to maintain the trust of those we serve.”

Source: The Grio

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