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“Oregon City Employee Finds Termination Notice & Noose on Cubicle”

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Vanessa Savage, who works for the Washington County Department of Housing Services, discovered a noose attached to a cubicle. County officials found no evidence of racial bias. But Savage, unsatisfied, is considering a lawsuit.

It was an offensive attempt at a pink slip that left one Oregon employee red  in the face.

Vanessa Savage, an employee at the Washington County Department of Housing  Services, found a noose attached to a cubicle along with a note that read “Termination Notice.”

Savage — who was not the target of the disgusting directive — quickly filed  a complaint with the County, but investigators recently determined the noose was  not racially motivated.

“This is 2014 and a supervisor brings a noose to work and nothing is done  about it,” an irate Savage told KATU.

Savage’s boss left the note, included with the words “Termination Notice,” attached to a fellow employee’s cubicle. Savage said given the history of the noose in American culture, this was blatantly offensive.

Savage, who is African American, isn’t satisfied with the initial ruling and  said she has consulted with a lawyer for a possible suit.

Savage had taken a leave of absence following the rope ruckus, but later  returned. She described the office culture as “hostile.”



“A noose is designed to terrorize people and there’s a historical precedent  that that’s what the noose does,” Savage said. “And when you put a noose on a  note that says ‘terminated, fired,’ he wanted it to have a certain impact and it  did.”

The incident took place at the  Washington County Department of Housing Services (pictured). Savage took a leave  of absence, but later returned to what she calls a “hostile” environment.

Washington County officials concluded their investigation last week. Officials said in a statement that there was “not any  evidence to conclude that they were racially motivated or directed at African  Americans


Source: http://www.nydailynews.com

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