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Oprah Presents the Prancing Elites ~ The Destruction of the Black Male Image

Prancing Elite Dancers

There has been an ongoing debate concerning whether the presentation of effeminate black men on TV has any type of influence on those who watch it. Despite a significant amount of documented and published data that provides pragmatic and empirical evidence that substantiates the fact that any mental stimuli that enters the human subconscious via sight or hearing has the capacity to impact the perceptual mechanisms of the human psyche, subsequently conditioning or brainwashing the thought processes, there is a consistent consensus by blacks that TV programming cannot possibly have an impact on human behavior.

The truth is that although the human consciousness can be controlled and turned off to stimuli, the subconscious cannot. This means that even though a person may be diametrically opposed to a specific concept or behavior, and even despise it, when they see or hear it, a consistent message that this concept is okay or acceptable will eventually register in the subconscious as acceptable. Television and radio have been used as mechanisms of control since their invention. For those who wish to examine this phenomenon known commonly as propaganda, there are two very good reads that are easy to understand. There is Brainwashed, a book by Tom Burrell, which examines the manner in which TV and radio has been used to perpetuate an inferiority complex in the black collective, and there is Propaganda, a book by Edward Berneys, which chronicles how the media has been used to control and dictate human behavior for decades.

Psychologist, Dr. Umar Johnson, also points out the fact that the vast majority of blacks don’t understand propaganda, because they view most of the mediums used to propagate the information as mediums of entertainment — being completely oblivious to the subtle influences of the stimuli that they are consuming. Even the arrogant assertions that the content that they are watching is a part of the conditioning process. Listen to what Dr. Johnson has to say on the matter.

It is no coincidence that the black male image is under assault from two different extremes in the media. There is one extreme that is presenting an image that portrays black males as violent thugs, which enforces the perceived image that black men are born with a proclivity to behave violently and to live a life of crime. The other end of the spectrum presents a non-threatening effeminate black men who lack any threatening characteristics. Although the purpose behind these two different approaches have different secondary motives, the primary motive is the same — to destroy the image of the black man. Although how we are perceived by the masses directly impacts how non-blacks and non-Americans will contextually frame the slaughter and mass incarceration of black men, my primary concern is the lack of positive role models in the media for our young black boys. This would not be such an issue if media programming wasn’t glorified so much by black adults.

According to a research article produced by Jeffery Klaethn or the University of Stratclyde and Andrew Mullen of North Umbria University, propaganda is a powerful mechanism of control; however, it is even more effective when used as a complementing force with other approaches that engage relationships between ideological and institutional power and discursive phenomena.

Actually, I am not here to prove the effectiveness of propaganda. I am focused on the fact that the image of the masculine, intelligent and strong black man is under assault. We consistently whine about our current situation, but when the obvious is pointed out, it seems easier for the masses to push back against the black leaders who are pointing out the truth than it is to attack the status quo of the establishment. We have to be willing to examine the strategy that is associated with the machinations being used by our oppressors. We can’t keep saying that television and radio programming has no impact, when we are constantly seeing the repercussions that it has had.

The following is an article that addresses another show be produced mediums owned by Oprah Winfrey. It is short, but it explains a lot. My goal is not to attempt to dictate what shows someone watches or doesn’t watch. My goal is to create an awareness that we have a problem.

It is time to stand up and engage the issues collectively. ~ Dr. Rick Wallace, Ph.D.

Prancing Elite Dancers

“Oprah Presents the Prancing Donkeys”

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Oprah’s Oxygen Network aired the series premiere of the Prancing Elites last night. The show features 5 gender confused men who prance around in leotards, heels and majorette costumes. The Elites spend most of their time trolling parades and intimidating Alabama residents who cling tightly to their traditional values.

This is the image of black men that is being promoted aggressively in the media to counterbalance society’s image of black men as violent, pants sagging thugs and criminals.

White America is intimidated by intelligent, successful, articulate, masculine black men. The media has a history of portraying black men as scary dangerous criminals who deserve to be killed by trigger-happy white cops.

The destruction of the black male image continues with Oprah’s latest image of black men as safe and effeminate.

We shouldn’t be surprised that Oprah is selling a warped image of black men to America. Oprah, 61, was raped at age nine and pregnant by age 14. She repeatedly reminds us that she was sexually abused by men, and even claimed that Bill Cosby tried to rape her.

Oprah and the media would like nothing more than to present The Prancing Elites as the perfect role models for young black boys.

Black men are slowly marching towards extinction. The pool of available black men is shrinking. For every 100 black women in America there are only 83 black men — and roughly half of those men are gay or bisexual (down low). The NY Times recently conducted a study that shows 1.5 million black men are missing. The single largest gap of missing black men in America is in Ferguson, MO.But rather than focus on the crises in black America, Oprah wants to focus on sexually dysfunctional black men in tights and majorette costumes.

Thanks for nothing Oprah!!

Source: The Odyssey Project21

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