Chante_MooreThings get tense between unlikely artists on tonight’s all-new “R&B Divas: LA.”

Previews have hinted toward drama between Lil Mo and Chante Moore, but there’s also an awkward exchange between Chrisette Michele and Claudette Ortiz.

Claudette, who has managed to avoid most of the drama this season and last, decides to speak her mind about the “thickness” that’s surrounding the women, but it’s seemingly interpreted as shade by Chrisette.

“The last thing that I’m expecting her to say to me is that I’m distant. So confused,” said Chrisette who “expected better” from Claudette.

While Lil Mo steps away from that encounter to pray, she later calls out spirits when dealing with Chante, whose attire she attacks.

“I’ll throw you,” threatens Lil Mo.

Chante, who has obviously rubbed Mo the wrong way, is shocked by the verbal attack.

“I’m surprised at Mo and her inability to control her anger. I expected respect. That isn’t what I’m receiving,” said Chante. “I’m getting tired of explaining myself.”

Source: Sister2Sister Magazine