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Only In Chicago: A Group Of Party People Set Up A Club Scene On The L Train In Chicago

Only In Chicago:  A Group Of Party People Set Up A Gig On The Chicago L Train

Did they really just throw a party on the L Train in Chicago ? Oh yes they did. Music, DJ,  liquor and all. Now how were they able to pull this off? Recently many of the black owned nightclubs in Chicago were closed down due to gun violence, drugs or other trumped up charges.

So you ask, how is this possible that the city will allow someone to party on their train?  Unless this this is a scene for a movie we couldn’t begin to tell you.

This is incredible to see a party on the train considering Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is so uptight and Rapid Transit System is so strict with their policies when it comes to riding the good old L Train.



Take a look at the video below of at least 50 riders having a blast on the train.



Video Source: World Star Hip Hop

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