One By One The Jury In The Bill Cosby Case Is Turning Against Andrea Constand Saying She Sounded Scripted, Coached & Unbeliveable

One By One The Bill Cosby Jury Is Turning Against Against Andrea Constand Saying She Sounded Scripted, Coached & Unbeliveable

Ear Hustle 411 shared a report yesterday where one juror said all 10 white jurors were trying to convict Bill Cosby and the two black jury members wanted to Acquit.  However, there are numerous stories stating that 11 wanted to find him innocent and one wanted to convict.

One more juror came forward saying Andrea Constand was unbelievable and sounded very scripted and coached. They stated they could not believe what she was saying.

See what was reported by I Love Old School Music:

Ever since Bill Cosby’s mistrial in his sexual assault case was declared about a week ago, a couple of jurors have come forward to anonymously reveal details about the deliberation process.

As was previously reported, one of the twelve jurors spilled a boatload of details with ABC News when he/she was the first to make it known that the deliberation room was so tense, they damn near traded blows and one cat even punched the wall, reportedly breaking his finger. That juror also revealed the flip-flopping that went down in the jury room regarding Cosby’s innocence in the case, with the jurors originally voting almost unanimously (11-1) that Cosby was innocent. Then some of them switched their votes along the way, ultimately resulting in a deadlocked jury after 52 hours of deliberation.

Cosby was facing the possibility of up to ten years in prison for sexually molesting Andrea Constand- a then women’s basketball coach at Temple University.

Now a second juror has just spoken out and gave an additional viewpoint of the deliberations. The anonymous juror is an older male. According to The Philadelphia Inquirer/Daily News (whom the juror was interviewed by), after hearing testimony and reading Cosby’s 2005 deposition, he now believes that Andrea Constand is full of it and that she and her Mother pre-planned this whole thing. He pointed to her clothing choice (at the time of the alleged encounter) and the gift that she’d brought to Cosby when she went to his home for dinner that day. The jury was also informed that was not the first time Constand had done that with Cosby.:


See More- Source: I love old school music

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