Omegas Who Called Out Steven A. Smith’s Honorary Membership Get Their A** Handed To Them

steven a smith

Steven A Smith is an honorary member of Omega Psi Phi and let it be known that you should never come at him sideways about being honorary.

We have obtained a video of him addressing the Ques who think that he is not as much of a member as he is because the crossed undergrad and lets just say he makes some very strong points.

“I’m not a member of this fraternity because it is a fraternity, I’m a member of this fraternity because it is a brotherhood,” he says during his speech. “I don’t consider myself a member of a fraternity, I’m gonna say it again, I consider myself a brother.”

He then goes in and addresses people who cross but do not want to put in work.

“We got a problem. We got a problem because the organization is so attractive, the fraternity is so attractive, the brotherhood is so attractive that dudes that become a part of it think they have accomplished something as opposed to looking at it and realizing and recognizing that this is where your work starts.”

Then he goes in on the people who say he is not a real member.

“I became an honorary member, I had dudes on twitter like, ‘Does Steven A really know what [Omega Psi Psi] is about?’ I said evidently I know more than you because one of the cardinal principals is discretion! Clearly you have none! Because if you have something to say about me what they hell are you talking on Twitter for? For everybody who are not Ques to see what you are saying.”

But he doesn’t end there,

“So here I am a novice, a neophyte, wet behind the ears, breath smelling like similac and I’m teaching YOU about what we’re supposed to be about!”

For a finishing move he hits them with this,

“Cause you marched in college, you know more?! By the way are you financial? Oh I’m sorry your broke, you don’t have any money. So not only do you know less, but you’re not financial but you gon’ sit out there and stick out your chest and act like you are a representative of our brotherhood. When the legitimate argument that could be made is “what are you doing for the brothers?”

Steven goes on to talk about how everyone can become better brothers.

What do you think about Steven’s comments? Do you think they apply to all D9 Organizations? Do you agree with him?

Source: Watch The Yard



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