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Omar Gosh Gave A Homeless Man The Shirt Off His Back, But What He Gave After Brought Me To Tears!



We are living in a world where not many people  care about each other.  We live in what is known as the information age where violence is recorded and shared to millions within a click of a button.   This young man Omar Gosh has taken philanthropy to a whole new level which will bring tears to your eyes.  Check out what petflow.com wrote about him and check out the video below.

YouTube personality Omar Gosh usually plays pranks on people and records their reactions, but for one of his more recent videos, he decided to do something really worth recording: To teach his son what homeless people have to deal with on a daily basis, he decided to give a few of them new shoes, and even the shirt off his back.

The reactions of the people living on the street isn’t what you might expect – they’re kind, thoughtful, and always thankful. This just goes to show that being homeless doesn’t mean that you’re a bad person. This is one “prank” I wish more people would do more often! Please SHARE



Source: Petflow.com








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