Old School Hip Hop Artist Take Over Chicago’s Arie Crown Theatre With The “I Rock The Mic” Concert

I rock the mic

While the rest of the world was out protesting EarHustle411 took some much-needed time out from the negative perils of THIS world to reflect on what made living in “THIS” life fun.

EarHustle411 pulled out the shell top Adidas shoes, the Kangol hat, the dope gold rope chain and got in our B-Boy and B-Girl stance all because old school hip hop was taking over CHI-TOWN and for ONE NIGHT ONLY!! EarHustle411’s Media Correspondent SunShyne was in the audience on December 7, 2014 and was prepared to rock out with the dopest Hip Hop legends to ever touch a mic.

This AWESOME stroll down hip hop memory lane was put on by DJ Sean Legend and Rob McGee, hosted by 106.3FM’s Mike Love and Kenya Simone who warmed the crowd quite nicely.  As the hosts determined what side of the room was the “livest” the night’s first act was preparing blaze the stage.

Crucial Conflict, MC Lyte, Big Daddy Kane, Doug E. Fresh, Slick Rick & Rakim really did the darn thang check out some of the performances:

DJ Squeeze handled his business on the 1s and 2s, he rocked the crowd real hard and made us get a good sweat, there’s nothing like some good old “house” music to round out the party.

EarHustle411 had a blast as we:

“Rolled down the avenue real slow, looking for the freaky deek that’s good to go”

and then we

“Cha Cha Cha’d to the Mardi Gras with the dopest female to grace the mic thus far”

then we

“La di da di’d we love to party, we didn’t cause trouble, we didn’t bother nobody”

and then we remembered

“Once upon a time not long ago when people wore pajamas and lived life slow”

and just when we thought we were done that’s when we realized

“we were teens before we became fiends, melted microphones that stood tall as ice cream, music orientated so when hip hop was originated fitted like pieces of puzzle, complicated”!!!!! 

Can ya say: yes yes y’all, tick tock y’all and it don’t stop EarHustle411 was in the house and it don’t stop til the body rocks….LOL!!

EarHustle411 gives major KUDOS to DJ Sean Legend, Rob McGee & Yella Entertainment for the fantastic job putting this show on and there were no unfavorable incidents, how could there be with such positivity filling the atmosphere.

DJ Sean Legend

We can’t wait for the next one, sounds like we need to get a I Rock The Mic: Ladies of Hip Hop going on…you know just something to Ahh…Push It and EarHustle411 will be right there, reporting and keeping our ears to the hip hop streets the entire time!!

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