Oklahoma Woman Finds 4 Week Old Baby On The Side Of The Interstate With A Birth Certificate And $6K Cash

baby abandoned

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Per ABC News, When Alexis Harrison and her husband spotted a car seat on the side of a busy highway, she couldn’t believe what they found inside: a 4-week-old baby.

“I said, ‘Please tell me that’s not what we think it is,'” she told KOCO. “You see this in movies. This isn’t real life … Who puts a baby on the side of an interstate?”

The car seat, which was in the grass about 10 feet from the edge of Interstate-40 in Oklahoma this weekend, also attracted the attention of several others, including a church van. Harrison said the baby was calm and appeared to be sleeping. One of the good Samaritans who stopped had a diaper and changed him.

Nearby, police also discovered nearly $6,000 in cash, a flash drive, social security cards and a birth certificate. Authorities have tracked down the mother, though it has not yet been decided if charges will be filed.

As for the baby, Harrison is just glad he was found safe.

“I think that church van was in the right place at the right time,” she said. “It’s just surreal.”

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