Obama Joins The Best Kids Chefs For Dinner

State dinner

Mix 55 healthful meals, 55 creative kids, and one First Lady. What do you get? The ingredients to the White House Kids’ State Dinner!

On Friday, kids from around the United States got to visit Michelle Obama in Washington, D.C. They created recipes to win the 2015 Healthy Lunchtime Challenge. White House cooks made some of those recipes to serve at the special event!

All the guest chefs were between 8 and 12 years old. Except for Sydney Mazik of Ohio. She celebrated her 13th birthday that day! Guests got to try her meal, the S.S. Asparagus Pie. (The S.S. stands for spaghetti squash). “It can be a healthy alternative to actual spaghetti,” she said.


Cooks also served up a bean-filled soup called Vegan Superhero Soup by Leo Koch, age 8. There was also a fun dish called Oodles of Zoodles by Nia Thomas, age 10.

Mrs. Obama congratulated the winners for inventing delicious and nutritious foods. She explained why she created the dinner event. “We want you guys to be ambassadors,” said Mrs. Obama. “To talk about healthy eating in your schools and in your communities.” Many kids said they created the meals to make sure their friends and family eat better.

Just as Mrs. Obama wrapped up her opening speech, a surprise guest stopped by. It was U.S. President Barack Obama! He told the young chefs all the food looked great. He was impressed by the Barack-amole (kind of like guacamole). “I expect people to save me a little sampling!”

Source: News’O Matic (Kids News)

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