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Now That’s A “Boss” Move”…Mayor Of Belmar NJ Closed His Town To Visitors Because It was Full

seafood fest

Well EarHustle411 has never ever seen any city anywhere ever do something so weird.  The Mayor of Belmar, NJ closed his city to visitors on Sunday, June 14th weekend it was full to capacity.  Apparently the 29th Annual Seafood Festival was the happening thing there this past weekend.  Mayor Matt Doherty had thousands of  visitors that descended  upon his city on the last day of the festival causing him to close entrance to the City of Belmar.  No one could enter from he city’s major thoroughfare Route 35.  Residents were able to bypass the road closure with valid identification.

mayor doherty

Mayor Doherty pulled a “sho nuff Boss” move and EarHustle411 wants to have that kind of “Boss” clout…LOL!!! Mayor Doherty has since reopened the city to visitors.  Looks like we need to seek credentials to Belmar, NJ for the 30th Annual Seafood Festival in 2016.


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