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New York Woman Faces 2 Years In Jail After Throwing Her Dog Out A Car To Avoid Paying Vet Bills


Ms Ivanchenko, of Staten Island, New York, was found guilty of felony aggravated cruelty to animals, in addition to torturing and injuring animals and abandonment of an animal following the non-jury trial, the New York Post reports.

The puppy, which was three months old and weighed one pound, was found by a passer-by and made a full recovery.

She was renamed Pip and has since been adopted and lives in a loving home in Manhattan, according to authorities.

The case has attracted widespread condemnation protests in the city with campaigners demanding officials give her a prison sentence.

Ivanchenko, 35, will be sentenced on October 27 and faces up to two years in jail.

She rejected a pre-trial plea deal of six months in jail and restitution.

Defense attorney Matthew Myers argued that there was no proof Ivanchenko hurt the dog and argued she left it on the side of the road for someone to find.

But acting DA Daniel Master Junior said: ‘The defendant showed utter disregard for the well-being of this helpless dog.’

Source: Daily Mail

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