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New York Teen Tried As An Adult In Shoot Death On Brooklyn Bus

Kahton Anderson

Kahton Anderson, the 14-year-old boy who opened fire on fellow passengers of a city bus on Marcus Garvey Boulevard in Brooklyn will stand trial as an adult. New York City prosecutors have charged Anderson with second degree murder following the death of one bystander, Angel Rojas, 39.

Anderson’s intended victim, a rival gang member, was apparently standing near Rojas on the rush hour-crowded B15. Stalking his target, Anderson fired his .357-Magnum wildly and missed, instead shooting Rojas in the head. Police have suggested that the recoil of Anderson’s pistol overpowered his aim.

The Stack Money Goons, Anderson’s gang set, are based in Bed-Stuy’s Tompkins Houses, less than a mile from the scene of the shooting. No other arrests have been made in connection with the murder.

Rojas was married with two kids, and he was apparently en route from one of his two jobs before he was killed.

Source: Gawker.Com

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