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New York Mother Kills Her Infant Son Because She Couldn’t Handle The Responiblity

 New York Mother

Detectives say she told them that she killed her own baby boy because she had “reached her breaking point.”

Now, Nicole “Nikki” Kelly is in police custody charged with the second degree murder of her 11-month-old son, and the story surrounding his death is disturbing to people who knew him and his mother.

The child, Kiam Felix, Jr., was pronounced dead at Elmhurst Hospital on Sunday afternoon after Kelly, 22, brought him into the emergency room with the boy’s father, who does not live with them.

Instead, Kelly and her baby boy rented a room from another woman, who herself has a two year-old boy. “I really don’t want to talk about it,” the woman, who would not give her name, said Tuesday morning regarding her roommate’s arrest the day before.

She did describe the child who had been staying in her home until she saw him unconscious with his mother on Sunday afternoon. “He was a happy baby,” she told PIX11 News.

Indeed, in every photo of him on Facebook, little Kiam Felix looks sweet, kind and happy. Some of the photos are particularly disturbing based on information conveyed by Kelly’s housemate.

She said that she’d seen Kelly on Sunday afternoon with the body of her lifeless baby, just before the baby’s father had come over to take him and Kelly to the hospital. The baby was dressed in a completely white outfit — vest, collared shirt, necktie, pants and socks, identical to the wallpaper photos on Kelly’s Facebook page.

Below that photo banner, Kelly had posted, in part, after her son’s death, “Missing my baby boy so much wish there was some way I could bring him back to life I feel horrible knowing he passed away. Am [sic] his Mother. I was supposed to protect him.”

Police at the nearby 110th Precinct could not agree more. They arrested Kelly, and after questioning her, they reported to district attorney’s office investigators that the woman who has worked as a home health aide wrapped her baby so tightly in a bed sheet Sunday that he couldn’t breathe or move.

She left him alone on the bed for a half hour, while she showered. After he turned blue, Kelly called the boy’s father, who took them to Elmhurst Hospital, where he was pronounced dead early Sunday evening.

After she was taken into custody, according to the Queens District Attorney’s Office, she told investigators, “I reached my breaking point, I didn’t want him anymore.”

Two ironies are worth mentioning. It was Kelly’s 22nd birthday on Monday, the same day she was arrested for causing the death the day before. Also, she is currently undergoing a psychiatric evaluation at Elmhurst Hospital, the same facility to which she’d brought her son.

She is currently expected to make a first appearance before a judge on the murder charge on Wednesday. Kelly will be arraigned at her bedside at Elmhurst Hospital.

If she is found guilty, she faces a sentence of 25 years to life in prison..

Source: Pix11


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