New York City U.S. Postal Worker Accused Of Buying Sex Toys With Stolen Gift Cards People Sent In The Mail

A U.S. Postal Service worker in New York City is accused opening mail, stealing gift cards and then using them to buy nearly $100 in sex toys like this new vibrating clit sucker.

Prosecutors said Iesha Conley worked at the Brooklyn Processing and Distribution Center in East New York, Brooklyn. She was arrested Tuesday.


Photo Credit: AP Photo/Ben Margot

Photo Credit: AP Photo/Ben Margot

Court records show she was allegedly caught after a customer complained on September 21 that a card she mailed to a relative containing a $100 American Express gift card she bought at Bed, Bath and Beyond arrived opened and without the gift card.

The customer called the store, which gave her the gift card number. Then, American Express was able to track the card, and found that it had been used.

The credit card records show three separate purchases for an “adult toy” at an online sex shop from Groupon were made on September 26, and sent to Conley’s home in Brooklyn. The purchased totaled $94.68. The amount had been used to purchase sex accessories and sex toys.

As the investigation progressed, the Office of the Inspector General for the Postal Service monitored Conley at the Brooklyn USPS facility on December 19 and 20. The investigator allegedly saw her rip open and remove the contents from dozens of greeting card envelopes.

“Conley was recorded removing the contents from mailings and placing them inside a black sweater with the words “Got Jesus?” the court filing stated.

Conley was arraigned in Brooklyn Federal Court and released on $15,000 bail.

Source: ABC

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