New Video: FINALLY!!! Rihanna’s “B*tch Better Have My Money” Official Video

Man…in what seemed like forever the video for “B*itch Better Have My Money” has finally dropped. Rihanna has taken the concept of being owed money to the ultimate extreme. EarHustle411 is most definitely feeling the track but are glad we are not on the list of people who owe!! Check out the official video below:


While Rihanna and her henchmen are taking matters into their own hands, it’s all about the dough.  She calls the shots “like brap brap brap” don’t act like you forgot.  One can only imagine how many accountants will cringe at the thought of being the “b*tch” and they better have the money!!

Congrats to Rihanna…the director skills are certainly on point!!

Source: VEVO [Video]

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