New Show For Stevie J and Joseline….WTH!!!!

So….I think I am in the wrong business!!  All I have to do is participate in a “reality” show and fight all the time, curse like a sailor, f**k  everything moving and I can get a show of my own.  Nah, I’m so good on that one!!  Well Stevie J and his “wife” Joseline (where’s he dang marriage licence?  Aye…I ain’t convinced!!) apparently have the secret to success.  After the much broadcasted fight on the LHHATL Reunion, the two have gotten a spin-off show.

Man I tell you the Nielsen system is going to crash from all this “reality” mess!!

Check it out as reported by Headline and Global News:

‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ Stars Joseline and Stevie J Land New Spinoff Show after Season 3 Reunion Fight?


Joseline and Stevie J

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” stars Joseline and her boyfriend Stevie J could be getting their own spinoff show. According to Media Take Out, the couple just signed paperwork for the untitled show and filming is said to begin later this month.

Sources told the gossip site that the storyline will include lots of drama including Joseline’s rumored cheating and alleged drug use. MTO claims that the show will be produced by the same people behind “Love & Hip Hop.”

Earlier this month reports surfaced that Stevie and Joseline had split because she cheated on him with several different rappers. There was also a rumor that Joseline was pregnant with Rick Ross’ baby. According to MTO, the two got back together so they can do the new reality show.

This news comes after reports of a nasty fight breaking out on set during the taping of the “Love & Hip Hop” Season 3 reunion in New York City last week. On July 15, Joseline, Stevie, Mimi, Debra Antney, Benzino, Althea and Tammy all got into a heated confrontation that reportedly left one person hospitalized and several others bruised.

According to MTO, the fight started because Joseline was taking jabs at her co-stars. Reportedly she

“There was plenty of arguing amongst the cast member, but things really got crazy when Joseline started arguing – first with Tammy,” MTO wrote.

Reportedly Joseline lunged at Tammy and rapper Waka Flaka’s mother, Debra, jumped in and helped Tammy beat up Joseline. Sources told the site that wigs started flying and producers were forced to stop taping and calm everyone down.

After a brief break, the cast returned to the stage but Joseline turned her wrath towards Benzino’s fiancée. allegedly, Althea punched Joseline in the face and taping was stopped again. Cops were called to the set but another fight broke out, this time with Joseline and Mimi.

MTO claims that Stevie jumped into the fight and held Mimi down while Joseline attacked her. Reportedly Mimi had to be taken to the hospital. TMZ also reported on the reunion brawl but said Joseline wasn’t the ring leader, Benzino was. Reportedly, he kept saying Stevie and Joseline used drugs and it set Stevie off.

While producers were busy trying to calm Stevie and Benzino down, Joseline sneak attacked Althea.

Do you think Joseline and Stevie J should get a “Love & Hip Hop” spinoff show? Will you watch it?

Source: Headline and Global News


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