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New Product For Kids- Funny Gloves, A Whole New Exciting Way Of Playing Catch!

New Product For Kids- Funny Gloves, A Whole New Way Of Playing Catch!

 They say everything that’s old is new again and to show you how real that sentiment is, these two young men from Evanston, IL Mr. Kenny Johnson and Mr. Tim Thornton have re-invented the game of catch with their new product and invention “Funny Gloves“.

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They also have in the making Funny Gloves Sports Edition where you can have your favorite sports team logo added to the Glove which will make playing catch with your opponent that much more competitive.  Each one of these come with four catch phrases that talk to you while playing.  How cool is that?

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The two best friends and business partners are both family men with beautiful young daughters who loves and adores children. They got the idea when they were at a barbecue with family and friends while playing catch with the younger kids.

Per Kenny, it was difficult for some of the little one’s to catch the ball thus came along the idea for Funny Gloves.   Their Product is not only fun, colorful and exciting but it works as an educational tool to help with hand and eye coordination.

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Tim is the proud owner and operator of his own trucking company which he has owned and operated for 10 years and Kenny currently works as a Refuse Collector and was a previous bus driver that worked with disabled children.

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Funny Gloves has Velcro like the original catch game however as Kenny Johnson Puts it, they’re cute and cuddly and they make different animal noises which is a plus with all the kids.  The original catch game was pretty boring and plain to say the least.
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This item will be great as a School, Church or NFP Organization Fundraiser

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These two young men are looking for help in bringing this product to children all across the U.S and abroad.  They need help with filling the supply and demand requests that are pouring in.

Check out their video below as they talk about their products and idea concepts.



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