NEW MUSIC: Da Internz and DJ Slugo Hook Up For The Summer’s Next HIT!!

Two of Chicago’s HOTTEST producers and the King of Ghetto House hook up to produce the summer’s next BIG hit!!

These 3 are truly Earhustle411’s Chicago Movers and Shakers

Grammy nominated and music producing duo Da Internz use their extraordinary skills and hooked up with Chicago’s undisputed King of Ghetto House and Blok Club DJs lead man, DJ Slugo to produce the head banging hit of the summer named “I Know You Out There” (Stevie J).

The ChiTown Duo now residing in Los Angeles, CA are known for producing the hits for some of today’s premier recording artists with hits like Rhianna’s “Birthday Cake” and Big Sean’s “Dance A$$”. They have also worked with Nas, Nelly, Ludacris and most recently Jennifer Lopez.

da internz

Super Producers Da Internz

DJ Slugo the ChiTown “Juke” Master and undisputed King of Ghetto House has positioned himself to be the mixtape king, co-produced the track with Da Internz. This collaboration is the first time the two have worked together and it is proving to be match made musical heaven.


DJ Slugo – King of Ghetto House

This energetic track is scheduled for release on June 27, 2014 and can be retrieved on the Blok Club DJs Inc’s website. Go to http://blokclubtv.com/da-internz/ and download the track.


00-Da Internz


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