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NEW MUSIC: “Black Boy Lullaby” by Angela Johnson

This is the type of music that makes people stand up and take notice. More artist should use their craft to speak out on injustice but unfortunately in my opinion they won’t for fear of being “blackballed” in the industry. With that being said; one has to really think about what’s more important: the FAME or correcting INJUSTICE??

We’ll let that marinate and I’ll be waiting!!

THANK YOU Angela Johnson for following your heart!!

Check out the new music and some info about this amazing artist as reported by EUR:


I never want to scare you, fill your mind with fantasies/About a peaceful world we live in, no, that’s not our reality

No, this isn’t your normal run of the mill lullaby.

The passion Angela Johnson sings with on “Black Boy Lullaby” is the strength of a mother; the pains of a woman watching the community around her eat its young. As she put together her upcoming album Naturally Me, Mrs. Johnson knew there were some topics she really wanted to write about, topics that strayed beyond the boundaries of traditional R&B. Sure, she’s writing about love, but the thread throughout the album extends to her community, her culture and those whose voices are being silenced by the institutions that are failing around us.

angela johnson1

As a mother of a young daughter, she felt compelled to write the song, as she observes the continued difficulties young Black males face in her surrounding communities. The trials of being (and raising) a Black boy and later man, in America, is a frightening concept to many. The many failed policies have left many a child behind to fend for themselves among the decay of Urban America and the results make their way into our Facebook timelines on a daily basis, usually framed by the words “Rest in Peace”.

However, Angela Johnson’s voice on “Black Boy Lullaby” sounds like hope; the hope borne out of despair, the hope that’s carried Black boys and men from the bosom of the ghetto to the boardroom. It’s a hope we need to hear, the hope in the prayers of our grandmothers and the lyrics of a Donny Hathway song, a hope we haven’t heard in too long.

Angela Johnson’s Naturally Me will be released August 19th from Purpose Music Group.

Visit www.AngelaJohnson.com to catch up on Mrs. Johnson and stay current with her music and show dates.



Source: EUR


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