New Movie: Jennifer Hudson Snaps Off With New Role In ‘Lullaby’

jennifer hudson

Oscar Winner Jennifer Hudson takes on a new role in “Lullaby” where she plays a no-nonsense nurse who puts people in their place. Check out the video clip and tell us will you be tuning in.

Lullaby is the story of one particular family struggling with the imminent death of its mensch of a patriarch (Richard Jenkins) following his long battle with cancer. But for some reason, the movie can’t live with being only that. Lullaby wants to reach everybody, to cover all possible constructs of the grieving process, to deliver the ultimate cinematic depiction of untimely death.

New Movie:  Jennifer Hudson Snaps Off With New Role In 'Lullaby'


In stuffing itself with so many varied elements, however, Lullaby feels no longer like the story of any cohesive family, relegating itself to an array of moments that you’ll probably recognize from past films about cancer (or contemporary ones, for that matter) and recall seeing handled a lot better in those movies, to boot.

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