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New Jersey Candidate For Governor Says For Profit Prisons Are How The United States Gets Away With Modern Day Slavery With Black Brown People

New Jersey Cadidate For Governor Says For Profit Prisons Are How The United States Gets Away With Modern Day Slavery With Black Brown People


For decades, Minorities have been saying that the system has failed them, they have been wrongly sentenced, over sentenced and sentenced for petty crimes that their white counterparts either get probation or a slap on the wrists for.

Black men especially have been the target for the penal system, that’s if they are not killed by the cops before being properly arrested and tried in the court of law.  Yet 98% of the time if they are killed, beaten or wrongly treated and the cop is more likely to be found not guilty.

The system was designed to house blacks and brown people who then in return works as free laborers for corporations by manufacturing their goods for free or cheap labor.  This is why the for-profit prison system business is so lucrative.

These corporations fill the pockets of politicians who then returns the favor by allowing them to get away with their modern day slavery.

Did you know that the way slaves were sold by slave masters that the prisoners are being sold and traded on the US Stock Market?

See what the Raw Story reported:

A candidate for New Jersey governor said this week that corporate for-profit prisons are how the United States maintains its legacy of slavery without consequence or censure from the rest of the world.

According to Salon.com, 2017 Democratic gubernatorial candidate Bill Brennan — a retired firefighter known for his direct, plain-spoken style — said at a candidate forum this week that the U.S. prison system exploits the labor of people of color, just like the Transatlantic slave trade did for 400 years.

“We have a Jim Crow system that carries forward,” Brennan said. “We can connect today’s incarceration nation directly back to slavery. It is exactly the reason they’re doing it. We had lease labor after Reconstruction, and what was that? Put black people in jail, make them work, lease them out to their former owners.”

“And what are we doing today? We have the Corrections Corporation of America making money on our misery. And this has got to stop!” he continued before asserting that U.S. prosperity was built on two things: “The genocide of Native Americans and the enslavement of African Americans.”



Source:  Raw Story

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