“NeNe Leakes says she will Press Charges’ against Kenya Moore for Pulling her Ear”


Not everyone would consider a tug on the ear an assault, but NeNe Leakes isn’t just anyone, and Kenya Moore’s invasion of NeNe’s personal space has the “RHOA” veteran tweeting about legal action.

“I think I’ll press charges n the morning,” NeNe tweeted Sunday during the season 6 premiere of the hit Bravo show.

Previews hinted at friction between NeNe and Kenya this season, and viewers were witness to their first season 6 exchange when Kenya approached NeNe about not calling to check on her during her eviction drama.

“Surely someone who claims to be a top actress, producer, and director who is selling DVDs everywhere is not evicted!” NeNe reasoned in her BravoTV.com blog. “Besides this was not national news. This was on a few blogs. I didn’t feel the need to reach out about gossip.”

Kenya also took issue with the fact that her on-screen ex-boyfriend, Walter, was invited to NeNe’s televised nuptials.

“I was getting married! I will repeat, I was getting married, which means I invite whoever the hell I choose!” NeNe clarified.

During their spirited conversation, Kenya asked NeNe to listen, reached up and grabbed the newlywed’s ear. NeNe politely moved Kenya’s hand and requested the respect of her personal space.

Though she acted calmly, it seems others were more riled up by Kenya’s gesture.

“My Twitter blew up and my phone just about caught on fire when Kenya grabbed my ear,” wrote NeNe who described Kenya as “thirsty.”

NeNe answered those who questioned why she didn’t respond more aggressively after Kenya grabbed her.

“I’m not wiling to risk what I have, what I have worked for, and what I have become for somebody that has been on a 20 year hiatus!” NeNe wrote.

They do not normally see eye to eye on everything, but Wendy Williams agreed with NeNe and warned her not to let Kenya drag her down.

“You never violate and touch somebody in their face. That right there was a grown woman punch in the face about to happen,” said Wendy. “NeNe, don’t let Kenya pull you back to season 1 of ‘Housewives.’ You’ve come way too far.”



Check out the clip of Wendy Williams…

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