NBA Player Gilbert Arenas Makes Despicable Comment About Actress Lupita Nyong’o Is Only Cute With The Lights Off

Gilbert Arenas has stepped in a pile of sh*t this time!! He has been know to make some off the wall comments on social media in the past.  Seems like this week’s rant is directed at dark-skinned women.  Arenas commented to a post on Instagram where the poster named ProBlkThought said:

Gilbert respond in the most ignorant fashion known to man asking “how black are you talkin’? He refers to several other black celebs like Keisha Knight Pullium, Gabrielle Union  as being a brown shade of black, then asks black like Tyrese.   His actual words were:

Photo Credit: Google

Photo Credit: Google

“How black are we talking??? Not to be funny can u name a beautiful black women on the outside … not brown skin … like tyrese black … top 50 most beautiful women off [sic] all time … the darkest women they have is (Keshia Knight Pulliam aka Rudy) (gab)) union) (taral hicks) (Serena Williams)”

When u say African features black then u have (#1 lupita nyong’o) and she’s cute when the lights are off second is (Ajuma nasenyana) sorry but ewww so the black beautiful women u try to boost up is technically light-skinned or brown-skinned.

Really Gilbert!! You’re born from a black woman, in a relationship with a black woman who probably does not take too lightly to your shenanigans and neither are black women who may have light, medium or dark complexions.  Arenas is one who just can;t seem to stay out of controversial situations and then gives a weak and whack apology as if his prior mouthy antics are just going to be forgotten.  Not this time but please be welcome to check out his “apology” below:

no.chill.gil I never say sorry for the shit I say but it’s my fault I read this wrong and got into my feelings…I thought it was saying,if ur mixed ur not considered black and beautiful and my kids are mixed and dark skinned so I perceived it how I wanted to..I just got off the phone with the only women who tells me when my shit stinks,and I know it’s comes from the heart becuz she will defend me in front of everyone else and cuss me out when we’re alone @christyarenas she reread what it said (your African features are all the attractiveness u need) so I erased to kinda say sorry but not say sorry becuz u can’t truly blame me for reading it wrong (I went to public school) so I read it how I thought it was written….I fucked this up so I deserved the hatred that comes….I was trying to defend all shades of black but that’s what the post was also doing…I ended up pulling a COON moment…sorry all shades of black women no need to forgive me Im pretty sure I’ll say some fucked up shit probably in two weeks 😖😖 (I know pussy prices about to double up on my ass from black women 😒) and as for lupita she ain’t cute to me sorry…just like I’m not cute to 95% of u…

Gilbert Arenas obviously likes the taste of his foot in his big mouth, so this is what happens when one is starving for attention.  Gilbert..it’s time that you get a life!! We anticipate he is not phased by the backlash he is receiving. So expect him to say something else disrespectful and stupid, just keep your eyes peeled and ears opened.

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