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National Syndicated Radio Host Kenneth McClenton’s Daughter Murdered In Washington, D.C.

charnice milton

WASHINGTON, May 28, 2015 – Charnice Milton Capitol Community News (CCN) reporter and daughter of national syndicated radio host Kenneth McClenton was fatally shot in Washington D.C. Wednesday night, according to the Washington Post. Ms. Milton, 27 years of age, was a graduate of Ball State and earned a Master’s from Syracuse.

Milton was wounded in Southeast Washington D.C. near the intersection of Good Hope Road SE and Alabama Avenue around 9:40 p.m.  At the time of the shooting, Milton was on assignment covering the monthly Eastern Market Community Advisory Committee meeting.  She was fatally shot near a bus stop at Good Hope Road and Alabama Avenue SE.

The shock of Milton’s death has left many of many of McClenton fellow conservative talk show hosts and religious leaders around the nation, expressing outrage and dismay over her tragic death.

Lonnie Poindexter, national host of the Freedom’s Journal radio show stressed, “She was a sweet heart. We have got to do something about this Dodge City mentality in our urban centers.” Al Ashworth, a radio show commentator, joined Poindexter in focusing on the tragedy. He said, “All lives matter and the black community had better start addressing this.”

The shooting and death of the CCN reporter occurred in a violence ridden night in that area of the city, where four other shootings occurred in a two hour period. The first shooting happened an hour before Milton’s and the remaining two shootings were an hour later and at about 4:10 a.m., Thursday morning, reported The Washington Post.

McClenton, the father of the slain Milton had just appeared on Community Digital News’ Standing at Freedom’s Gate podcast show with host Kevin Fobbs Wednesday evening. They had discussed increasing violence in urban areas of the nation and what needed to be done.

McClenton is daily host of the Exceptional Conservative Show.

Capitol Community News officials affirmed that, “Charnice was a talented reporter with an engaging manner that endeared her to her sources. She was a valued member of the CCN news team completing several assignments a month,” according to a CCN statement.

Violent death in Southeast Washington D.C. is part of the landscape of life in the nation’s Capitol. In fact since Friday there have been six killings in the District, and according to the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department there have been 49 murders in the city. This same time last year there were 45 murders. In 2014 there were 105 murders in the District.

Robert Charles senior Pastor at LIFE Nation reflected for the leadership that gathered to address the tragedy and eloquently said, “We pray for the family because this really hurts! Oh my Jesus!! A daughter, sister, wife, mother is gone. Lord Jesus visit this family and shower your emotional, physical, financial, and spiritual arms around them!!

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