Nas Give The Crowd A Sneak Peek At “What He’s Workin’ With”

Well I guess wardrobe “faux pas” happen to the best of us.  Rapper Nas just happens to be the latest victim of the “White Pants” disaster.  In a video of a live performance in Brooklyn, NY the “Illmatic” one gave the crowd a bit more than what they may have paid for.  It seems that each time the light flashed, so did Nas unknowingly of course.   Well I’m sure for the ladies it was a quite a sight to see (whew…wiping sweat beads) and for the fellas….well who cares about what they think….LOL!!

We understand that Nas is a “free-spirited” person, however some things should not just roam “free” if you will.  His people should have told him that black is a wonderful thing, especially when worn under white.

We still love you though!!!




Source: YouTube



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