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Napa Valley Wine Train Being Sued By The Black Women Who Were Put Off The Train

EarHustle411 reported on this story when it happened and we were completely stunned but not really.  We do believe the company could have handled this situation a little better.  We did some digging into the Napa Valley Wine Train and what we found on their website in their listed terms and conditions is your standard right to refuse service, so we took a snapshot of it for the EarHustle411 family to view for themselves.  (see below)

napa valley wine train

So this is the scenario, the women were enjoying themselves and they company they were keeping, laughing and having a great time.  Where the story goes left is the ladies were put off the train for “laughing too loud” and met at one of the stops by the police.  According to one of the ladies put off the train, she states that several people on the ride were not bothered by their laughter.  Although EarHustle411 was not there

Well EarHustle411 will have to keep an eye on this, the company has received some negative reviews on Yelp as a direct result of this situation.

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Nearly a dozen black women ejected from a Northern California wine country train have filed a racial discrimination lawsuit.

Read more as reported by The Grio:

napa valley wine train

The women say they were ejected from the Napa Valley Wine Train for laughing too loud during an afternoon excursion in August. The lawsuit seeks $1 million each for the 11 women who claim they were humiliated and discriminated against when staff ordered them from the train after warning them several times to lower their voices.

The lawsuit was filed Thursday in San Francisco federal court.

Owners of the train say they have hired a retired FBI agent to investigate the women’s claims. Ownership of the train changed hands on Sept. 15, three weeks after the incident.

Source: The Grio

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