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Music Video- Artist Dee-1 Shows Em How It’s Done, He Gets Positive With It!!!

Underground Artist Dee-1 Shows Em How It's Done, He Gets Positive With It!!!


EarHustle 411 is  sent music from various artists all over the world from Canada, Africa, Caribbeans, Australia, Germany, Russia, and all over the United States just to name a few.   We try our best to promote as many underground artists as we possibly can. We listen to some music but it’s virtually impossible to listen to them all.

We came across a young positive brother that goes by the name Dee-1 who is a lyrical genius.  He puts you in the mind of some of the other positive rappers such as Kendrick Lamar, King Los, Common, Spenzo and Talib Kweli.


Our young urban youth are in a state of emergency, our young people need to tune into this young man and turn of the filth being forced upon them in heavy rotation by radio stations not owned by them and who don’t care about them, point blank period.

The violence in our urban community has become a national catastrophe where young people are mimicking what they hear daily and what they see.  They say art imitates life and this philosophy is proving to be true.  Kids killing kids is no joke.

Our young people are being taken to the slaughter house by Main Stream media, Radio Stations, Blogs such as World Star Hip Hop that promotes violent fight videos, murders and reckless behavior.

EarHustle 411 found this young man via You Tube, Check out this music video and judge for yourself.


This young man have been EarHustle 411 Approved!!!!!


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