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Mugabe Calls For An End To All White Farmers In Zimbabwe; No Leasing Land To Them Period!

Mugabe Calls For An End To All White Farmers In Zimbabwe!

The president ratchets up his anti-white rhetoric after discovering some of his ministers were leasing back land to farmers that had been revoked in 2000.


Robert Mugabe, the president of Zimbabwe, has warned that in future “no white person will be allowed to own land” as he unveiled a new farming settlement scheme west of the capital, Harare.

“We fought these people,” he said. “We can’t be soft on them when it comes to land. We’ve not chased them away from this country – they’re there in the industries, in the cities.”

He also urged black landowners, including some of his ministers, to stop leasing back land they had been awarded to some of the 4,000 white farmers who were forced off without compensation from 2000 onwards.

There was a large contraction in the economy as the white farmers produced much of Zimbabwe’s food, which hit exports.

“What annoys us even more is where our own indigenous farmers sub-lease to the very same white farmers we took our heritage from yesterday,” he said. “So, I’m saying to those among us who are guilty [of leasing land], some I’m told are my ministers who are refusing to remove those whites in their constituencies, we say ‘No’. Why do you need them?”

Last December Mr Mugabe told Zimbabweans to “strike fear in the heart of white men. They must tremble. The white man is not indigenous to Africa. Whites are part of an evil alliance.” About 300 white farmers remain on small portions of their original land holdings.


Source: Telegraph.co.uk




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