MTV UK Credits Kim Kardashian For Making Cornrows A Popular Trend By Giving It A Different Name “Boxer Braids”

MTV UK Credits Kim Kardashian For Making Cornrows A Popular Trend By Giving It A Differnt Name "Boxer Braids"

MTV UK posted an Image of Kim Kardashian wearing basic Corn Row braids traditionally worn by African-American women and  have officially made her the poster child for this style that’s been around for decades.  Their caption read the A- list are  loving boxer braids right now, so here’s an easy way to do them yourself.”

They go from calling Corn Rows to Boxer Braids as if changing the name of the style is supposed to somehow magically change the perception and history of the androcentric braids.  Apparently they are trying to white wash the style and promoting Kim Kardashian as the founder of the braided style which was also worn by Hailey Baldwin and her baby sister Kylie Jenner.  Although black girls have been rocking this style for centuries it’s now the Kim Kardashian hairstyle.

It’s a darn shame that black girls are called ghetto for wearing braids and or not allowed to wear braids to certain jobs because they are deemed unprofessional yet all a white girl has to do is change the name of the style and all of a sudden there is an exception to the rule and this is now high fashion.

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