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Mothers Are Angry At New Child Support Card Which Tracks What They Spend On Their Children

New Child Support Card Which Tracks What The Mother Spends For Her Children

Child support card is a concept which was widely discussed and have been developed in the state of Deleware.  The card is known as the Family card which is a pre- paid debit visa card.  The card is to be used for  paying only the child-related expenses like school, food etc. It prevents the parents from misusing the funds that is for the children alone.


The First State Family Card is a pre-paid VISA card that is credited whenever a payment is posted to any/all of a client’s child support case(s). In most cases, the money will be available within three (3) business days after DCSE applies the payment to the case(s).

Benefits to the debit VISA card include:

  • No line of credit is associated with this card.
  • No bank account is required.
  • No need to wait for a check to arrive in the mail.
  • No need to make extra trips to the bank.
  • No need to pay check cashing fees.
  • Use it anywhere VISA is accepted!

You have plenty of mothers who feel that since they have the children all the time, that they should be able to use the card as they please even for their own personal benefit to fulfill their own shortage of income.  Mothers have said, I have to pay light bill, gas bill, rent etc. which they would have to pay whether they had child support or not.

Does the state have the right to monitor what the child support money is used for? Do they have the right to dictate if the mother uses some of it to do something special for herself?

The card is designed so that the parent can’t spend the money on cigarettes, liquor or pay a bill not associated with the child’s expenses.

There are many fathers that complain that the mothers are not using the money on the children and the children don’t look groomed when they pick them up because the mothers are spending it on things not related to the children or spending the money on their new boyfriends.

If the program is successful in the states of Delaware, the government might apply it nationwide thus controlling the usage;  Which means mothers you have to account for every dime spent on your child, You can’t get your hair and nails done because the other parent who is giving you that $150-200 a month thinks that’s enough to take care of a child and you should not be using it for your personal gains.

Chime in and let Ear Hustle 411 know your thoughts on this!

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