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Mother Who Was Arrested For Allegedly Killing Her Kids Left A Note [Video]

On June 2, Daaron, 7, and Aleisha, 6, were found dead in the family’s home in East Haven, Connecticut, next to a note that explained why their mother, LeRoya Moore, apparently killed her children (video below).

murdered kids

In the note, LeRoya explained she was trying to send her children to heaven and described their activities that day.


“They got to do all of the things they wanted to do before they died today. They ate their favorite things. They had ice cream and they wanted to paint their nails so we got nail police and they had fun and really liked how it came out… My older kids escaped the same fate because I was too depressed to move and make it happen…”


The note concluded: “There’s no more pain for Aleisha and Daaron. They left this world as innocent as they were when they came into it… I’m done. There’s nothing else to say and no further explanation to give…”

Though the cause of death hasn’t been determined, the house was filled with gas, reported San Jose Mercury News. A friend of LeRoya called 911 from inside the house after she found the children. Police said the children had been dead for some time and were fully clothed, lying on a blanket on the floor.

When police asked LeRoya where her children were, she said, “I stabbed them, I released them” and told officers she opened up the gas line. Despite her proclamations, the autopsy ruled that claim out. LeRoya, who is divorced from the children’s father, was reportedly distraught and sent to a hospital for what appeared to be self-inflicted injuries to her wrist.

laroya moore

Police found 46 bottles of prescription medications inside the home, including sleep aids, painkillers, muscle relaxers and antidepressants, reported Fox CT.

After being discharged on June 10, LeRoya was arrested and charged with two counts of murder and three counts of reckless endangerment.

Moore is being held on $2 million bond and is now on suicide watch. She has 14 prior convictions, including charges for abusing her daughter, reported Hartford Courant.

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