Mother Leaves Children At Local Fire House Says She Doesn’t Want Them

Being a parent is by far the hardest job on the face of the planet and most of us who are parents take the sometimes thankless job seriously.  Nothing matters except the well-being of the children.  One thing that truly boggles the minds of EarHustle411 and the writing staff is why a mother would suddenly not want her children because the father says he didn’t want the children he helped create.  Women should really start paying attention to the signs of the men they are involved with.  We don’t know how the relationship was between the mother and father however it’s quite likely the father may have stated he never wanted children.

So now here we are with 2 children that are going into the “system” otherwise known as Protective Services and a mother who may face charges because she dropped her children at the local fire house.  The mother’s thought process may have been on point because the alternative could have been much worse than just dropping the children off


Read more as reported by WSOCTV:

Houston’s Child Protective Services were called in after a mother said she didn’t want her two children anymore and dropped them off at a fire station.

The children are 9 months and 2 years old, the Houston Fire Department said in a press release.

Firefighters said the mother told them that she got into a fight with the father of one of the boys. He told her he didn’t want them, KTRK reported.

fire house

Firefighters called police and CPS as they tried to comfort the children left behind by the woman who has not yet been identified.

“You take any child out of a mother’s arms or grasp and they’re going to lose it. That’s why they did. So in true firefighter form, we found some teddy bears in the fire station to make it as easy as possible considering the situation,” Kenyatta Parker told KTRK.

They also gave the children snacks and water.

The children are too old to be considered for Texas’ Safe Haven law. Under the law, parents are permitted to drop off a baby 2 months old and younger without legal penalties.

The mother was not charged and it is unclear if she will face charges.

The two boys are in CPS custody as authorities try to find other relatives, KTRK reported.

A custody hearing was underway Tuesday afternoon.

Source:  WSOCTV

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