Mother Gets Social Media Smack Down After Putting 5 Pounds Of Weave In 5-Month Old Baby’s Hair

Mother Gets Social Media Smack Down After Putting 5 Pounds Of Weave In 5-Month Old Baby's Hair

Photo Credit: Facebook

A woman named Zaida Pugh got the ultimate WWE Smackdown on social media after she put 5 pounds of  weave in her 5-month old daughter Vanessa’s hair.

During a video tutorial, she’s heard saying she doesn’t want to pull out the babies edges but the weight of the weave alone is pulling out the edges as well as being a strain on the baby’s neck.  She is seen braiding blonde weave in the daughter’s hair and acting real excited about the process of putting in box braids.

The mother then finishes applying the unattractive heavy weave then claims her client (5-month old) is pleased with the new hairstyle.

Not so fast!!! Social media dragged this mother straight to hell with their disapproval of what they call disgusting and despicable act.

The video has been shared over 25,000 times and thousands of people have commented and the comments are not in favor of this crafty stylists.




Zaida has yet to respond to her critics.  Apparently, she can care less what people have to say because the video below shows several more styles put in the baby’s hair.

Ear Hustle 411 is not sure if the mother was just joking around or trying to build her brand so we will ask our fans their thoughts.  Do you think this is too much or is mom just having fun?

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