Mother & Father Injected Heroin Into Their Children Calling It Sleep Juice [Video]

Mother & Father Injected Heroin Into Their Children Calling It Sleep Juice [Video]

A mother by the name of Ashlee Hutt living in a rat infested home with her three children 6, 4 and 2 is accused of injecting her children with the drug heroin to make them go to sleep.

Someone in the home contacted child protection services when they claim they saw her inject the drug in the children.

The children also confirmed that both their parents were injecting them with what she referred to as feel good juice, He said it was a white powder mixed with water and his parents often gave it to him and his sisters.

He stated that, after being injected, the three children would go to sleep, according to the affidavit.

According to Kiro 7 Child Protective Services began an investigation covering a period from May to November 2015 during which Hutt and McIver are suspected of giving heroin to all three of the children.

Hutt and McIver’s children were taken away in November 2015  while CPS conducted its investigation.

“They’re in foster homes and they’re doing well,” said Troyer.

McIver, 25, was jailed in September after he was arrested on a bench warrant.

Both he and Hutt pleaded not guilty to three counts of second-degree child assault, delivery of a controlled substance to a person under 18 and child endangerment.

They remain in custody.


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