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Mother Caught On Video Kicking And Beating Toddler After He Drops A Hamburger On The Floor

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Photo Credit: CEN/ Daily Mail

Shocking CCTV footage has emerged showing a woman hitting and kicking her toddler as he lies on the floor, all because the youngster knocked her food to the ground.

Disturbing CCTV footage shows the woman and her son in a fast-food outlet in the city of Shiyan in eastern China’s Hubei province and the little boy reaching for one of the beef burgers, which he accidentally drops.

The woman, who restaurant employees said appeared to be the mother of the child, is then seen hitting the toddler in the face as she picks up the remains of the burger. 

She then violently pushed him over and kicks him several times as a sales assistant pretends to ignore what is happening and plays on his mobile phone.

Horrified viewers have now reacted angrily after the footage was posted onto social media.

Jie Cheng posted: ‘This woman is despicable and so is the behaviour of the serving boy. He should have done something.’

Another user, Ling Chien, wrote: ‘That poor defenceless child. And all because of a burger. She should be locked up.’

Yuan Yang said: ‘What gives someone the right to treat a child like an animal? And the employee should be just ashamed of himself. Shame on you.’

A spokesman for the restaurant said: ‘We have spoken to the employee on duty at the time and he has been disciplined.’

Meanwhile, police say they are now searching for the woman.

A police spokesman said: ‘Thanks to members of the public who have come forward we have several leads we are pursuing.

Source: Daily Mail

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