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More Big Corporations Are Covering Gender Change Procedures As Politics Start Shifting

The dynamics of politics had been shifting and it seems like larger corporations are getting in line to meet their employees where they are as it related to those who seek to have “gender reassignment” surgeries. The continuing debate over whether transgendered individuals should utilize public restrooms according to their lifestyle or their birth gender has sparked some outrage across the globe.

According to Forbes

One in 10 companies with 500 or more employees covered gender confirmation surgery in 2015, Mercer said.  That is more than double the percentage in 2013 and up from 8% in 2014. “An additional 5% are considering it” among employers with 500 or more workers and even higher percentages considering covering gender confirmation among larger employers, Mercer said.

The changes in employee benefit strategies comes amid a national debate over gender rights when it comes to everything from serving openly in the military to the Obama administration’s directive last week on the use of public school bathrooms.

transgendered changes

Mercers National Survey

Companies that offer to cover these types of surgeries are primarily in the West and according to Mercer a subsidiary of Marsh & McLennan MMC Companies stated in a recently published National Survey of Employer-Sponsored Benefit Plans says that employers with about 20,000 or more employees make up about 29% of the large companies that offer to cover the surgery.

EarHustle411 wants to know your thoughts on this subject, as the politicians are strategically changing their thinking on the plight of their transgendered constituents, employers are changing their focus as well with their employees by covering more of these types of surgeries because public policies are changing.   Tell us what you think.

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