Monyetta Shaw Forced To Get Tubes Tied By Ex-Fiance Ne-Yo And Now He’s Having A Baby; A Bitter Reality!!

EarHustle411 is rarely speechless but this story had us beyond without words.  We are understanding compromise in a relationship but for a man to “force” a woman to have a procedure that will render them to never have children is definitely not a compromise, especially when the man is still able to reproduce.  Monyetta Shaw former fiancée of Ne-Yo’s did exactly that, she states she was “forced” by Ne-Yo while they were together to have her tubes burned thus rendering her to never have children in the future.

Is “keeping” the man that important for a woman to knowingly subject herself to a procedure that will prevent her from ever bearing children again? Unfortunately we don’t consider this a compromise at all.  Women really need to start thinking about the  “compromises” they make for the sake of the relationship and consider the longterm effects should the relationship turn sour.

Read more as reported by IBT:


Ne-Yo and model Crystal Renay are engaged, and expecting their first baby. The singer announced the news Monday on Twitter, but also slammed reports claiming he was secretly married and forced his ex-fiancée Monyetta Shaw to get her tubes tied.

“Clearing the air … @ mscrystalrenay and I are engaged to be married next year. And yes we are expecting. #FromTheHorsesMouth,” Ne-Yo initially tweeted. In a second post the 35-year-old “She Knows” singer ranted, “ Clearing the air..I didn’t force Mo to tie her tubes. Mutual decision. And the procedure is reversible. # SheCanHaveKids # FromTheHorsesMouth .”

Ne-Yo, real name Shaffer Chimere Smith, was seemingly responding to an “Entertainment Tonight” report claiming he and Renay were already married. The report also mentioned how Shaw, who split from the singer in 2013, was upset she could no longer have kids because she was forced into getting her tubes burned. “Twit fam. This is your direct link to me. From now on if you wanna know ask me,” Ne-Yo wrote in a fourth Twitter post. “No 3rd party, no guessing, no BS # FromTheHorsesMouth .”



Ne-Yo initially confirmed he was expecting a baby with Renay Sunday by sharing a photo of the model, writing in the caption, “Surprise!!!” Renay also posted a photo of herself hugging the singer, writing, “Rest your soul chocolate, I’m watching over your heart now.” In a second photo Renay noted, “No matter what they say our Miracle is on the way and I couldn’t feel more blessed. You’re negativity means nothing to us. We are happy, we’ve been happy and will always be happy no matter what they say __ Thanking The Lord above for those who know my story know what this absolute miracle means to me. Thank you all who are happy for our happy .”


Last year, rumors first surfaced Ne-Yo made Shaw get her tubes tied when the “Atlanta Exes” star broke down in an episode over the idea of dating a guy who may want to have children with her. Shaw, who has two kids with the singer: Madilyn Smith, 4, and Mason Smith, 3, said she was still “angry” about going through with the procedure. “What if I meet the one and he doesn’t have kids? I can’t give you kids,” Shaw said. “That right there, it gets me. It makes me angry. From that, that’s why I see why some women are bitter.”

Source: International Business Times

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