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Montana Woman Allegedly Slit Husband’s Throat Because He Peed Himself

Shery Lynn Downs

A woman in Billings, Montana, allegedly slit her husband’s throat after he peed on the floor, according to court documents given to The Huffington Post.

Shery Lynn Downs, who also goes by the last name Brooks, allegedly told police that her spouse angered her Monday by urinating on the bathroom floor and lying to the cable company about his name so the house could receive free service, according to papers.

But the 52-year-old Downs, “who appeared intoxicated,” told cops that the cut was self-inflicted and that she never saw the injury. She said in an affidavit that she gave her 68-year-old husband whiskey through the bedrom door when he told her to call 911. The several-inches-long cut required facial surgery.

The victim, identified only as S.D., was still recovering at a local hospital as of Wednesday afternoon, a Billings Police Department spokesman told HuffPost.

The husband said in court records that his wife was enraged by the urine on the floor. She entered the bedroom a first time to threaten him with the cleaver, then she re-entered and actually cut him. She said she hoped he would die, the man claimed.

According to the charging papers, the man told police on their arrival that his wife had sliced his throat, but police told HuffPost the cut was down the man’s cheek.

Downs’ bail was set at $5,000 during a Tuesday court appearance, where she faced a charge of felony weapons assault. She remained in custody Wednesday at the Yellowstone County Detention Center, police told HuffPost.

Source: Huffington Post 


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