Mo’Nique Says Lee Daniels Offered Her A Role On Empire [Video]

Actress & Comedian Mo'Nique Allegedly Say's Lee Daniels Told Her She Has Been Blackballed From Hollywood

The situation between Mo’Nique and Lee Daniels seems to be gaining more steam.  It would appear that Mo’Nique is doing more than questioning why she has not been able to get more work in Hollywood.  Although reports are saying that Lee Daniels advised her that she was blackballed in Hollywood because of what may have been reverse racism on Mo’Nique’s part.

It’s no secret that Hollywood does things different that the rest of the free-speaking world.  One must be inclined to “act” like they want to play ball more so than not. While it may not be the way everyone does “business” in Hollywood, fact is that most do and are comfortable with it! Check out a snippet of Mo’Nique’s appearance on Inside Edition:

Source: Inside Edition

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