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Missouri Woman Tries To Take Possession Of A $4.7M Home & Evict The Actual Owners

Police in Missouri say a woman recently tried to take possession of a nearly $5 million mansion after filing false paperwork and claiming the property as her own.

According to KTVI in St. Louis, the 28-year-old woman, Lakresha Slaughter, filed a claim with the St. Louis County recorder of deeds for the home in Chesterfield, Mo. back in July.

Slaughter, who reportedly goes by the name “Queen,” put a sovereign claim on the mansion. Police said Slaughter thought the property was unoccupied or abandoned, according to KTVI.

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But though the couple who owned the mansion put it on the market, they later took it off.

Nevertheless Slaughter went with her husband to file a claim with the recorder of deeds, and a letter was sent to the owners telling them to vacate the property and turn over the keys within 10 days. Slaughter claimed she owned the property.

Police say Slaughter considers herself a Moorish American National — and part of the sovereign citizens movement, a group of people who often follow their own interpretations of federal and state laws, and who sometimes feel they’re not bound to certain laws at all.

KTVI reports that Slaughter said her father introduced her to a man who told her and her husband to change their names and file documents to take possession of the property.

According to KTVI, that man told her that after 10 days the county sheriff would give them the keys to the unoccupied home.

Slaughter is charged with two misdemeanors for filing false documents, KTVI reports. The $4.7 million mansion is no longer for sale.

Source: WGN 9

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