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Missouri Woman Gives Birth To Baby Girl With Two Bottom Teeth

Jaklina Bailey

On December 28th, 2014, Jaklina Bailey gave birth to a baby girl, Alyssa Bella. Doctors and nurses at Mercy Hospital in Springfield, Missouri, were shocked when they caught a glimpse of the newborn and she quickly became the center of discussion in the delivery room. Why? Alyssa was born with two bottom teeth, something that occurs just once in two to three thousand births, according to MedlinePlus. The delivery doctor said it was just the second time she’d seen such a thing during her 25-year career. “We had two other doctors that came in just to look, and nurses, they were just like, ‘let me see, let me see,'” said mother Jaklina.

Alyssa’s teeth are referred to as natal teeth, which can be associated with medical conditions like cleft palates, but Alyssa was perfectly healthy. Natal teeth aren’t very well-formed and are typically removed before the newborn leaves the hospital, to avoid any chance of the baby swallowing them – but Alyssa went home with hers. And Mom is proud to show them off. “Everything about her is healthy. She’s a healthy, beautiful little girl. She just has two front teeth,” Jaklina said.
Source: SFGlobe
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